Note: you can acquire detailed information at the Grand Staircase National Monument Visitor Center located in Cannonville. Ask for Dave Mecham…


  • Bryce Canyon (we have lots of brochures, books, maps about Bryce in house)
  • Mossy Cave located on Hwy 12 between town of Tropic & Bryce Canyon turnoff Slightly uphill hike.. approx. 1.5 miles   Attraction Wet dripping cave & waterfall
  • Kodacrome Eagles rim trail slightly uphill Great red-rock views of Pinnacles
  • Calf Creek 3 miles (each direction) gentle hike (mostly level)…Great waterfall at end of trail
  • Willis Creek  slot canyon off Skudimpah  (dirt road )
  • Lower Hackberry Canyon Long Dirt Road off Cottonwood rd.
  • Bull Valley Gorge
  • Bryce Canyon Trails
  • Red Canyon Trails