A.T.V Trails

<objectclassid=”clsid:38481807-ca0e-42d2-bf39-b33af135cc4d” id=”ieooui”>Bull Valley Gorge  # 1     10 miles


  • Same as the above. Instead of going left past the spillway. Keep straight on road # 500. Skudapaw.  Ride for another couple of miles until you see some huge gorge that was carved out by some serious water flow.

Yellow Creek / Johnson Valley / Willow Creek # 2


  • Take the road to Kodacrome and travel about 3 miles south from Cannonville
  • Before you get to Skudapaw road. Look for a right hand road that takes you to the west toward Bryce canyon.  Keep riding on dirt until you reach staging area.

Rock Springs Bench  (same as above)


  • Take the asphalt road to Kodacrome past the bridge and keep going toward Kodacrome turn.  (Don’t ride toward state park)
  • At this point stay straight on the road (Cottonwood) turns to dirt.  Stay on the dirt road for about a mile.  Look for a right hand turn. Turn right and head down until a valley.  You will go past a rancher their might be a gate ?  Proceed on the road most traveled. Go back into this most colorful area.

Town of Tropic 6 – 8 miles?     #3


  • Ride back thru town past visitor center to HWY 12.
  • Take 12 toward Tropic.  Ride on north side of road.
  • From Cannonville ride about ¾ of a miles until you see a big metal building on left side of road.  Cross back over the Hiway toward metal county building.
  • Ride thru green metal gates.. Ride your quads past the shooting range. Ride down thru the ravine and up the hill toward big water tanks.
  • Be careful it gets a little crazy as you climb the mountain.  (low range 4 wheel drive)
  • Go up to the top of the bench. Stay to the right and aim your quad toward Tropic. (west)
  • You will come to a ranch  (the gate might be open or closed)  Ride thru the ranch and keep going west.
  • You will ride about another 1 mile when you come to a 3 way intersection..
  • Don’t go left, Don’t go right, Go straight. The roads goes downhill.  When you come to a intersection hang a right. This will take you right thru the town of Tropic

Eagles Peak # 4


  • This is a little side trip.. use the same instruction as above.  Once you get up on top the bench.  Veer to the left (south) look for a small dirt road that heads to the east.  Take this side road and go to several view points that look over Cannonville.  Keep on going until you can’t go anymore. This is a great wrap around lookout.

Town of Henrieville # 5    8-10 miles


  • From house take river down river about a mile.
  • Take a left at the Telephone Pole road. Ride toward crack (roadway thru mountain)
  • Stay on this main road until it hits hwy 12.  Ride along side hwy 12 (to the east) until you see a right hand turn. Take dirt road to the south across river.
  • Keep on keeping on until you have seen enough.

Promise Rock # 6   6 miles   (this ride is really close and it’s worth the ride)


  • This you can see from house look toward the south/east for a red slick rock mountain
  • From house take river valley down river for about a mile.  Turn left at the pole line road.
  • Go toward the east through Peter’s Crack.  (split in mountain)
  • Once you have passed the crack take the dirt road on the right.